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Saving Antique Paper From Extinction!

I LOVE- LOVE - LOVE paper and it seemed whenever I visited an antique store, I always walked out with some type of old paper, print or book. One day, while antique shopping in beautiful Lancaster County, PA, I found some old player piano paper and hated to see it just sitting there not being used (I mean, not too many player pianos left anymore, unfortunately!!) I thought about what I could make from it. I came up with art prints. I figured out a way to unfurl the 100 year old paper and treat it so I could print on it. It works beautifully. What fun it was to figure all of this out, giving that old paper new life!!

Then I opened a new ETSY shop and started my career as a shop owner of printed paper items! I hope you like my things. I like to think I am rescuing old paper from extinction! I see too many old books and paper sitting on shelves, it is time to give it a second chance, something to be admired!

I live now in a little town called Spry, in York County, PA. It is a great place to live. So, I retired early from teaching and needed something to throw myself into, so I started painting again. You know how “real life” gets in the way of your passions? Well, now I have the chance to follow mine, art! I have always loved art, but who has the time? Now I am loving every minute of my time creating art and crafts! It keeps me so busy and stimulated. I am having the time of my life!!

So I am no longer sad about having to retire early (health), I am just enjoying my art and crafting! Hey, look at this way, you’re helping to support my sanity! :-) Thanks for reading!

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